WATCH: Tens of thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in Hyde Park, London at the ‘Freedom March’

VIDEOKINGS — Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in Hyde Park, central London on Saturday April 24 to object to the continued COVID-19 lockdown measures ordered by Britain’s authorities led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. While most mainstream media channels said only ‘hundreds’ of protesters attended, video footage from all over the internet show us numbers going as high as 100.000+ peaceful protesters marching for their freedom. “Absolutely buzzing atmosphere”, an on-the-scene reporter told us.

James Melville, who apparently also attended at the protest in London, tweeted: “Absolutely enormous crowds on the anti-lockdown protest march in London. These are normal folk who are concerned about their jobs, livelihoods, freedoms and protesting for a return to normality and an end to authoritarianism”. ➡Source:


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