WATCH: Shootout between father and son in Georgia

COWETA COUNTY, GEORGIA — In Coweta County a father told deputies he confronted his son about having a gun in his pocket and, rather than turn it over, his son opened fire on him.

It was all caught on the family’s home security camera. Deputies said, in the surveillance video that they’ve released, the altercation starts with the son, Mario Clark, leaving his father’s house.

The father was behind him pointing a weapon at his son. The father then flinches, ducks, and runs from a shot being fired in his direction.

Mario Clark, 26, is charged with aggravated assault for shooting at his father Deputies say the family shootout started when the 26-year-old Clark from LaGrange arrived at his father’s Coweta County house with a gun in his pocket — a gun his father did not want in his house. When the father tried to disarm his son, deputies say he pulled the weapon on his father.


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