WATCH: Moment multiple bomb explosion destroy military base in Bata, Equatorial Guinea.

“Equatorial Guinea’s largest city Bata rocked by explosions”

Bata, Equatorial Guinea — A series of explosions has injured hundreds of people in the city of Bata in Equatorial Guinea. Many more are feared to be trapped under the rubble.

Equatorial Guinea’s largest city and main economic hub Bata was hit by four explosions on Sunday. The cause of the blasts remains unknown.

The Ministry of Health said that 17 deaths had been registered in nearby hospitals and at least 400 people had been injured. Many were feared dead or trapped under the rubble. It said on Twitter that the explosion occured at a military barracks, where local media reported that thousands of people had been living.


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  1. My prayers go out to everyone injured and to all the families affected by the explosion caused at the munition area of the military base. The Equatorial government said the explosion was an accident.


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