WATCH: Moment a man was arrested after insulting President of France Emmanuel Macron in Lourdes.

VIDEOKINGS — A man was arrested by French President Emmanuel Macron’s bodyguards in Lourdes, France on Friday July 16th.

Watch on YouTube: WATCH: Moment a man was arrested after insulting President of France Emmanuel Macron in Lourdes.

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  1. No, no free speech

    defies logic to say, "I give my consent for you to be robbed." Yet that is the basis of the cult of "democracy": the notion that a majority can give consent on behalf of a minority. That is not "consent of the governed"; it is forcible control of the governed, with the "consent" of a third party.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    people cannot delegate rights they do not have, which makes it impossible for anyone to acquire the right to rule ("authority"). Also, people cannot alter morality, which makes the "laws" of "government" devoid of any inherent "authority." Ergo, "authority"—the right to rule—cannot logically exist. The concept itself is self-contradictory, like the concept of a "militant pacifist.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    The men who wear black dresses and wield wooden hammers and refer to themselves as "the court" are seen as the madmen they are. Those who wear badges and uniforms, and imagine themselves to be something other than mere human beings, are not seen by the deprogrammed as noble warriors for "law and order" but as confused souls suffering from what is little more than a mental disorder.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    Mortals cannot alter morality any more than they can alter the laws of mathematics. Their understanding of something may change, but they cannot, by decree, change the nature of the universe. Nor would anyone sane attempt to. Yet that is what every new "law" passed by politicians pretends to be: a change in what constitutes moral behavior.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    Without the right to rule ("authority"), there is no reason to call the entity "government," and all of the politicians and their mercenaries become utterly indistinguishable from a giant organized crime syndicate, their "laws" no more valid than the threats of muggers and carjackers. And that, in reality, is what every "government" is: an illegitimate gang of thugs, thieves and murderers, masquerading as a rightful ruling body.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    In short, if the victims of authoritarian extortion, harassment, surveillance, assault, kidnapping, and murder simply stopped assisting in their own oppression, tyranny would crumble. And if the people went a step further and forcibly resisted, tyranny would collapse even more quickly.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    Everywhere you turn, be it the state or the church, the media or the schools, you are taught one thing above all else: the virtue of subjugating yourselves to mortals who claim to have the right to rule you.

    Larken Rose, The Iron Web

    Many have been able to recognize and oppose specific acts of tyranny by specific regimes, but very few have recognized that the underlying problem is not who sits on the throne; the problem is that there is a throne to sit on.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    But all ʻlegal’ means is that the government told you to do it. The way people view law these days, whether something is ʻlegal’ or not depends only on who gave the order. If the people who call themselves ʻgovernment’ do it, it’s legal. If anyone else does, it’s not. But whether the order itself is good or evil, and whether anyone should obey it, has nothing to do with who gave the order.

    Larken Rose, The Iron Web

    Every person who claims to act on behalf of "authority" is demonstrating that he has accepted an utterly ridiculous lie: that his position, his badge, his office dramatically changes what behaviors are moral and what behaviors are immoral. The idea is patently insane, but is rarely recognized as such because even the victims of the enforcers share in this delusion.

    Larken Rose, The Most Danger ous Superstition

    only those who do not need to be controlled—i.e., those already trying to live moral lives—feel any obligation to obey the controllers. Meanwhile, those who pose a real threat to peaceful society feel no moral obligation to obey any "authority" anyway.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    When enough people understand reality, tyrants can literally be ignored out of existence. They can't ever be voted out of existence.

    Larken Rose

  2. This is not about free speech. Guy was praying! Have a little respect! Europeans & French have become all atheists thanks to someone owning all media & destroying christianity drop by drop for 50+ years. It created a power vacuum. Now being filled with another. Atheists will get rid of Christianity but will be ruled by a 2nd another religion thanks to a 3rd elite other religion. Keep it up clowns!


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