WATCH: Dutch Police Forces shot and killed 1 suspect in wild chase of heavily armed gold thieves.

VIDEOKINGS — Seven heavily armed robbers were arrested and another was killed during a Dutch police raid on a security lorry transporting gems and gold worth up to $50 million. #Compilation

After the heist on a Brink’s vehicle in the north of Amsterdam there was a “wild west” car chase as robbers fired automatic weapons including an AK-47 at police while trying to flee in at least three vehicles.

Suspects in an armored car robbery in Amsterdam-Noord were attempting to steal tens of millions of euros in loot, and fired automatic weapons at the police officers chasing them north of the city on Wednesday afternoon. Police also returned fire, authorities said in a statement. “It is really a miracle that there were no casualties on the police side,” a spokesperson said.

One suspect died, and six others were arrested. Two of the people taken into custody were injured, police said in a statement. An unnamed source told newspaper Parool that ten men were involved in the robbery, with three possibly at large.

The robbers were fleeing an initial crime scene on Meeuwenlaan in Amsterdam-Noord, where they tried to rob an armored transport. Videos from the scene showed the suspected robbers holding automatic weapons near the loading dock of a precious metals firm.

Sources told the Telegraaf and NOS that the robbers were attempting to steal 50 million euros worth of valuables including gold and diamonds. Parool reported that the suspects were either Belgian or French. Police refused to confirm the information.

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