WATCH: Chinese woman leading police on a wild chase on top of a bridge

CHINA — Somewhere in China a woman was filmed on Sunday sending cops scrambling to save her from falling from up top of a bridge as she runs and dances from crossbeam to crossbeam.

Some cops try to pursue her but give up once they realize their own lives are in danger. Others on the ground keep moving a giant airbag for the lady to fall on. The woman finally decides to run down to street level where she is tackled by waiting cops.


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  1. They are all Shadow People. They look like people but they have blue lights on their heads and on their bodies. If you look closely at the woman when she jumps to the ground you can see the change. Shadow People shift their shapes and they are also becoming common. Pengionsix has new videos of D.C. and Shadow People are on them. Some are obvious but if you watch the videos and keep pausing them you can see the people changing. I know this sounds weird but this is not a joke comment.


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