Voting machine malfunction in New Jersey rejects vote for GOP Candidate

VIDEOKINGS — Voters in some Middlesex County towns had difficulty casting ballots Tuesday morning. 

Several towns, including South Plainfield, Old Bridge, South River, Monroe and Edison, experienced technological issues with electronic poll books, according to voters.

In South Plainfield, 13 of 15 poling districts were inoperable for several hours Tuesday morning, according to a borough official.   

South River Mayor John Krenzel said the issues with the voting machines were widespread.  

In a post on his Facebook page, he wrote, “… It is not only in South River but throughout the State. The County Election Boards are working on the problem(s). If you can, try to vote provisionally although I have been told that voting that way is also problematic.” 

According to a Middlesex County official, upon the opening of polls at 6 a.m., operational issues were reported to the Board of Elections. 

“It became apparent that the issues were mainly due to connectivity challenges with the routers which were provided to the County by the State of New Jersey. These state-issued devices are intended to connect the electronic poll books to the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS). It appears that these issues were not isolated to Middlesex County but were happening across the state,” the county official said in a statement.

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