Protesters in Los Angeles outside Wi Spa harassed and threatened by violent Antifa Mob.

VIDEOKINGS — Antifa assaulted demonstrators and reporters at a protest Saturday outside a Los Angeles spa where a customer complained last week that a male individual’s genitals were exposed to women and girls in the female section.

**Watch more video footage of the violent event in LA on our other YouTube Channel: @offbeat **

Antifa showed up to counter the small demonstration, accusing participants of “transphobia” for taking issue with the Wi Spa’s refusal to act against the adult male who exposed his genitals to girls and women.

A mob of Antifa militants punched a man then chased and assaulted a videographer at the Wi Spa demonstration in Koreatown.

“Get the f— out of here! Keep walking!” the black-clad crowd members shouted at the man, shoving him across the crosswalk on Wilshire Blvd where the spa is located. “No safe spaces for chuds! Get the f— out of the neighborhood!”

Another individual who was recording the incident was tailed by the agitators. The Antifascist Action flag was displayed at the front of the enraged mob marching after the videographer. “Get the camera!” the Antifa activists ordered. “Flank him on the right!” was instructed to coordinate the attack.

“Go home, racist!” one of the instigators shouted. Another told the man: “Go home and cry to your wife and kids that don’t love you anymore!”

He was stalked for another block before he cut in front of traffic to escape the scene. A police car then appeared at the next intersection, spooking the Antifa protesters. “Fall back!” the group instructed its members.

Antifa protesters also intimidated and harassed a member of the press, throwing water on the reporter and forcing him away from documenting the public event.

Newsmax correspondent James Klug was one of the multiple journalists filming the event who was accosted and beaten. Klug said he was struck with a club.

“Nearest police presence is blocks away,” Klug reported on Twitter.

A lone young man’s sign was ripped up by an Antifa assailant. He brandished pepper spray then was tackled to the ground and kicked by the surrounding mob.

Several men in suits arrived, ordering the crowd to stay back.Antifa militants assaulted street preachers who tried to attend the protest. The religious protest-goers donned “Obey Jesus” and “Ye Must Be Born Again” apparel while carrying similar themed signage.

After a handful of the protesters were shoved across the street, the Antifa activists returned to confront the stragglers.

“Get out of here buddy! You don’t belong here!” was howled at an older man in “A Solider of the Cross” t-shirt who was carrying a megaphone. He was knocked to pavement at one point as the Antifa aggressors attempted to steal his poster.

A large Official Street Preachers banner was torn away from an older woman. A man attempted to retrieve the sign but a skateboard was smashed over his head.

The crowd stopped pursuing the male protester after he sought refuge behind a police officer. “Man, f— you for protecting this piece of sh*t!” the crowd shouted.

Watch on YouTube: Protesters in Los Angeles outside Wi Spa harassed and threatened by violent Antifa Mob.

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