Non-vaccinated ‘n vaccinated citizens across France unite in protest to Pass Sanitaire & #Agenda2030

VIDEOKINGS — Tens of thousands took to the streets throughout France on Saturday to protest against the new coronavirus rules announced by the government earlier this week.

The controversial measures include mandatory vaccination for health workers and an obligation for citizens to bring in a health pass for most public places.

The health pass is given to those who are fully vaccinated against COVID19 or have proof of a negative test taken within 48 hours.

In Paris, one demonstrator’s blouse read “No to compulsory vaccination, freedom violated!”, while another’s placard said: “Macron, no to the health dictatorship.”

In Marseille, protesters held a banner depicting faces of politicians, including French President Emmanuel Macron with Hitler’s mustache.

Protesters install a banner depicting faces of politicians, such as the French President, with Hitler’s mustache, in Marseille on July 17, 2021.

An estimated 1,500 people demonstrated in the French capital.

In the southern cities of Montpellier and Marseille, authorities counted respectively 5,000 and 4,250 protesters.

Protesters also took to the streets of Toulouse, Nice, Lille, Strasbourg, Metz and other cities.

“We are not antivaccine at all. We just want everyone to have the freedom to be vaccinated or not. PCR tests may be enough and then we must keep them free,” shopping center employees Aurélie and Tiphaine said at the Paris protest.

Several yellow vests protesters took part in the gatherings throughout the country.

“We are here for the demands of the yellow vests and the restrictions on freedoms. It’s not another freedomkilling law that makes us go out into the street. We have always been in the street,” said Jérôme Rodrigues, a prominent figure in the yellow vest movement.

A number of farright parties’ leaders joined the protest in the French capital.

Watch on YouTube: Non-vaccinated ‘n vaccinated citizens across France unite in protest to Pass Sanitaire & #Agenda2030

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  1. This is beautiful to see…this spirit of unity & love needs to transcend globally to defeat the evil that is being waged on us all.
    Respect France 🇫🇷


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