More footage from the Freedom March in London Saturday April 24 gives you an idea of the scale.

VIDEOKINGS — “More footage that gives an idea of the scale. I never saw the back of that protest queue – they just kept coming”. Hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters marched through the city center of London, UK on Saturday April 24 to object to the continued COVID-19 lockdown measures ordered by Britain’s authorities led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While many mainstream media channels told us only ‘about a thousand’ protesters attended, video footage from all over the internet gives you a better perspective of the scale of this massive protest. Absolutely buzzing atmosphere”, a reporter told us.

James Melville, who apparently also attended at the protest in London, tweeted: “Absolutely enormous crowds on the anti-lockdown protest march in London. These are normal folk who are concerned about their jobs, livelihoods, freedoms and protesting for a return to normality and an end to authoritarianism”. ➡Source 1:

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