More footage from Ter Kamerenbos show Belgium Police clash with students amid virus restrictions

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Clashes between Belgian police and a large crowd of people Thursday in one of Brussels’ biggest parks left dozens injured after revellers gathered for an unauthorized event despite coronavirus restrictions.

Around 2,000 people showed up towards the end of a warm and sunny day to attend “La Boum” (the party) in the Bois de la Cambre (Ter Kamerenbos) park , local police said, even though the organizers had revealed days earlier that their invitation on social media was a April Fool’s hoax. Local media put the number of people at about 5,000.

Hundreds of police, many in riot gear and some on horseback, broke up a knot of would-be revelers beside a lake in the park with back-up from water cannon trucks and tear gas. Clashes started after police ordered the crowd to disperse toward the end of the afternoon. Many in the crowd pumped their fists and chanted “freedom” and some threw bottles and stones at the water cannon trucks.

“We are all depressed. I’ll be 18 in two weeks, we want to take advantage of our youth,” high school student Amelie, who had come for the party, told Reuters. “We came not to annoy the police, but to show that we also have a life and want to enjoy it.”

WATCH: “Ter Kamerenbos (Brussels) changes into a war zone as riot police breakup gathering with 5000+ youth” —


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