Hamas is using children as human shield to protect military positions in Gaza

VIDEOKINGS — A video appeared on social media on Tuesday, May 18, showing children being used as human shields in the Gaza strip. “By deliberately launching rockets targeting civilian areas, the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas and its affiliates know Israel must respond in self-defence. But these groups also launch rockets, conduct their activities, and store munitions in densely populated civilian areas. This is no accident”, Israeli Defense Forces said.

“From the perspective of terrorist organizations, using civilians to shield military objectives from attack is a win-win strategy. It can render military objectives less likely to be attacked, as liberal democracies may be reticent to fire on targets when there is high risk to civilian life. If those civilians are killed, their deaths can be weaponized by these groups to delegitimize and defame, shifting the blame for the human shields-related deaths, perplexingly, away from the entity that put them in danger in the first place.”

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