Epic footage from Royal Marines (UK) testing out a jet suit to board HMS Tamar off the south coast.

VIDEOKINGS — Watch this epic video footage of Royal Marines (UK) testing out a Gravity Jet Suit to board ship during test operations, flying onto the ship and landing with grace on HMS Tamar off the south coast of the UK.

Jet suit developer Gravity Industries has teamed up with the Royal Marines to test how their product can help ship boarding operations. Video footage from Gravity Industries showed a maritime boarding operation exercise where a fast-sided boat comes alongside a moving high-sided vessel and hooks up a caving ladder to allow personnel access.

The Royal Marines are using Gravity Industries’ own Gravity Jet Suit here for their operations, with 1000bhp of Jet Engine power to fly around with.

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  1. Marines all over the world are training to be the best killing machines , meanwhile back in the US we’re training our Marines to be more sensitive to Trans and gays in the military .


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