Dutch police officer goes berserk and beats up a group of partying teenagers during King’s Day.

VIDEOKINGS — The police took action to end impromptu King’s Day parties in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breda and Haarlem on Tuesday afternoon, after thousands of youngsters gathered in parks and city centres in the spring sunshine to celebrate Dutch King Willem-Alexander’s birthday as is a populair tradition in the Netherlands.

Another day before terraces are due to open, Dutch citizens took to the streets to celebrate ‘Koningsdag’. In a number of Dutch cities, the police were called in to enforce coronavirus measures.

In the first part of this video a police officer is recorded while going berserk and messing up teenagers, which were targeted and attacked by the police in an attempt to disperse the group because of their violation of corona measures.

In the second part of the video a young woman gets brutally attacked by the Dutch riot police, followed by more violence from both police and bystanders.

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