BLM-activist threatened that cities will be ‘on fire’ if Derek Chauvin is not convicted for the

VIDEOKINGS — Maya Echols, a Black Lives Matter activist, threatened that cities will be “on fire” if Derek Chauvin is not convicted for the death of George Floyd.

“If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose,” Echols said in a since-deleted TikTok video, which had been already saved and circulated by other social media users before she could take it down. “Don’t be surprised when building are on fire. Just sayin’.” Echols added. Signed by IMG Worldwide model and with nearly half a million followers on TikTok later, this isn’t the first time Echols has posted about the movement, or how she likes to rile up conservative shoppers at the local grocery store.

Echols is hardly the only Black Lives Matter activists who has supported the destruction of cities. Ashley Gantt, a Rochester, New York, Black Lives Matter leader, made headlines last year when she said she didn’t really “care if the whole city burned down.” Gantt added: “If there was looting, if there was things on fire, that is not what is important. What is important is why these things happen. Gantt had also asked the media “to make sure that’s the story that’s heard.”


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