Another angle of the man who was arrested after Antifa vandalized his truck and peppersprayed him

SALEM, OREGON — Another angle of the man who was arrested. Antifa had vandalized his truck, surrounded him and pepper-sprayed him.

Antifa smashed up a man’s truck at the Oregon state Capitol in Salem on Sunday. After the driver pulled out a gun, responding Police decided to arrest him.


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  1. So suddenly they love police.. as long as they arrest the others? lmao also what did the police do the whole time this guy was assaulted? Do they only move in after the lynching by the mostly peaceful protesters?

  2. So which is it?…
    "F**k the Police",
    "Defund the Police" or
    "Call the Police to arrest people defending their selves and property"?

  3. What the hell that cop needs to loose his job ! Why the F UK are the police protecting these antifa cunts. That guy had every right to shoot those cunts his life was in danger. THERE WILL BE A REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY! Please antifa come to my town ! ! ! I love antifa is not a organized mob but spell check thinks the I should use capital letters to spell it. Not a chance. I will not give these cunts that respect. I we all give them what is coming to them if this crap keeps up…..

  4. Like an officer once told me: shoot first and let the public defender sort it out later. The fact that he didn't plug any of those people who advanced on him is incredible.

  5. Ibelieve if you witness a crime and you fail to report it then you WILL face the law! What about FAILING to ACTUALLY DO YOUR FRICKING JOB as a LAW ENFORCER!! Even better: ENFORCING the law SELECTIVELY is A CRIME and DISCRIMINATORY! At least it was in a NORMAL DEMOCRACY!! IT IS NOT in a BANANA REPUBLIC and THRID WORLD SHITHOLE FASCIST DICTATORSHIPS!! SO…… WHICH ONE ARE WE?!! WHAT does this stupid cop and his bosses (AG, Mayor, Police Commissioner think? Whell, the name of the city is SALEM. That explains:)!

  6. Psycho antifa assault a dude with a american flag. They literally hate the country. OK free speech, but how are they allowed to be violent and break windows and shit? They're a group of terrorists, terrorizing people, destroying property, and the democrat government doesn't want to do anything about it and call them "good".

  7. Guess the Left was correct about one thing:
    All Cops Are Bastards. Congrats police around the nation, you gutless pension lapdogs have ZERO support now. Why not just quit if you're not going to uphold your oaths. Cowards and selling out your own country for a 5 figure salary…Cops DESERVE the hate now. 🖕 Maybe people should start protesting at cops' houses and smash THEIR trucks in order to get these tools to do their job!🐷🐷🐷🐷

  8. The guy was an idiot. He should never have left his vehicle or engaged then in conversation. And the last stupid thing he did was draw his pistol and threaten them with it. WTF do you people think is going to happen when you engage a crowd on their terms? You will end up dead in a millisecond. Don't be this guy.

  9. check out 0.01
    There is yellow paint on his window. I think it caused him to get out of the car.

    check 0.18
    The red tail light is seen

    check 0.28
    The red tail light is broken

    Analyzing this video.
    The goal of protestors based on the actions.
    1. Make him unable to drive his car.
    Paint on the window.
    Breaking tail lights.
    2. Attack him.
    Before the person took out his gun, He was pepper-sprayed.
    The pepper spray was not in self-defence as there was no physical escalation before the pepper spray.
    3. The main goal. Be intolerant to intolerant people.
    The protestors believe that the end justifies the means. If these protestors had political power, i can see purging of people they deem to be intolerant to make the world safer. The people who are deemed intolerant by the protestors are people who are against socialism.

    The guys goal:
    1. Standing ground.
    Instead of calling the cops and staying in car, he comes out and confronts them
    Pulls a gun when pepper-sprayed.
    2. Engage with violent protestors.
    Putting lots of political symbols on his car causing the protestors to pick him out.

    Since this is a small clip of the video, we still do not know the full story, but so far with what we have, Make sure you do not escalate the situation with protestors by putting American flag, republican logos, trump support, and other symbolism of intolerance beside their group that can enrage these protestors.

  10. Please donate to any legal fund you can to support a patriot, veteran or anyone with common sense who gets into trouble with these cucks

  11. THE LORD JESUS HAS WARNED YOU,"DO NOT BECOME INVOLVED IN THEIR RACE WAR",they want you to waste your ammo,THE REAL INVASION IS COMING,you'll need every round you have for that..THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE will be playing for keeps..


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