A knife-wielding dude chased another man in downtown Portland, Oregon in broad daylight.

VIDEOKINGS — According to a video by journalist Andy Ngo, a man with knives chased another man on Sunday in downtown Portland, Oregon, near the Justice Center and Central Police Station. Ngo said the police did not respond to the attempted sting.

The area in the video has homeless tents on the sidewalk. The victim and the attacker both appear to be white. The attacker, who seems to come from the tent area, repeatedly used the n-word while chasing the victim.

The victim was able to flee from his attacker without being stabbed as the attacker had to stop to put on his pants.

The attacker managed to give the victim time to get into a car and drive away, but not before the attacker used the end of the knife to smash a passenger window as the car drove away.

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